Promoting Youth

We pass on our strengths and push ahead vigorously with the training of professionals. Through our commitment, we want to be a role model and help shape our future economy and the region.

It is very essential for MCD to not only develop new products, but also to develop new business.  This requires having first-class professionals on board and promoting their potentials. Just as MCD had enthusiasm and passion for technology then, we want to encourage and inspire young people with that same vibe today.

Every year, MCD hires 2-3 trainees/students to be trained. The trainees are introduced and integrated in almost every department. With confidence and responsible tasks, we want to awaken joy and enthusiasm at work. It is important for us to have experienced staff working closely with the young talents. That way, both sides can learn from each other – hands-on experience on the one hand, and new innovative ideas on the other.

In addition to the numerous training courses, we offer young people and students the opportunity to get a glimpse of work in real life. We encourage interns to get involved in all our departments in order to facilitate the correct career choice.

We also offer students qualified support for their theses and internships. The work will not only be put on paper but implemented as well. It is not uncommon here that product development is promoted and marketed.

In cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce, the Student Engineering Academy (SIA) and the Professional Education GmbH, workshops and project days for pupils and students are organized by the trainees. Here, students are allowed, for example, to write software programs that perform acoustic tests on their own MP3 players and then present their findings. In this case, girls especially lose touch aversion to technical careers visiting these events. In cooperation with these institutions, we encourage new methods of practice-oriented learning and the young professionals of tomorrow.