Handheld Tester e.g. for Vehicle Flap Actuators

For a short-intervalled testing of PWM- or analog controlled assemblies and components, this cell powered handheld device was developed. Because of the flexible programming of the firmware an usage in many different areas is possible.


  • Automatic detection of contacted DUTs and sourcing of measurement program
  • Test of measuring cable by application software
  • Capacity check of battery provision
  • Acoustic support by integrated speakers
  • Clear monitoring and output of measurement data by touchpanel display
  • Pass/Fail monitor
  • Updatable for prospective DUTs
  • Flexible application scenario with battery operation

Equipment components:

  • 4,3“ LCD touchpanel with graphical interface
  • STM microcontroller (depending on application)
  • Battery with a capacity of 3000 mAH or conventional batteries are also possible (if necessary)
  • External power supply (9 up to 17 V, typical 12 V)
  • Serial RS232 interface for remote control
  • Integration to measurement software TestManager CE
  • Stand-by switch with start button
  • Miniature loudspeakers
  • Strong measurement cables for the use of different connection plugs
  • Bilingual manual and user guidance (german/english), other languages are possible
  • Control of the device under test using different BUS types (e.g. CAN, LIN, RS232, etc.), additional interfaces to the device under test can be custom-designed

Application examples:

  • Functional testing of PWM or analog controlled assemblies and components
  • Testing of switch assemblies with or without BUS control
  • Testing of lighting unit with or without BUS control
  • Testing of vehicle flap actuators or other stepper motors
  • Functional testing of wiring harnesses
  • Functional testing of different actuators and valves
  • Mobile test systems for service stations
  • Diagnosis of control units e.g. for automotive applications
  • and much more

Platform for Handheld Testers

Download Platform for Handheld Testers Manual

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manual handheld-testing-platform mcd.pdf