Universal Measurement System UMS2600

The Universal Measurement System UMS2600 is a modular PC-controlled test system in 19“ technology, with application equipment. The programming is done by the MCD programs using the integrated interpreter via a computer system with ME-4680 Multifunction Board.

  • ME-4680 Multifunction Board
  • VS-COM/ MOXA RS232 8 expansions 9 pin. SUB-D
  • Direct multimeter connection with internet power and voltage switching
  • External power supply for DUT
  • Connection for different test adaptions
  • Upper line: delivery to adaption
  • Right side: connectors for optional development(XMUX, Multimeter, etc.)
  • Below: 8x serial COM
  • Left side above: slot bracket for more connectors
  • 8 layers multilayer backplane, which resumes the complete wiring of rear panel
  • Short production time with excellent quality standard through the special conception
  • Customer requests can be realized easily by changing the 4 plug-in modules


6HU, 19“ plug-in unit, 480 mm depth

Voltage supply:

120/230 Volt AC 50/60 Hz

Current consumption:

approx. 2 Amp.

Equipment series

  • 3 items 32x4 cross multiplexer configurable
  • Switch multiplexer 16 channels/1A
  • Digital output card 32 channels every 12V/0,7A
  • Digital input card 32 channels
  • 12 Digi-Inputs
  • 4 power switches 5Amp.
  • 4 opto outputs or relay switchs 1Amp.
  • 15 ADC channels/16 bit
  • 4 DAC channels PushPull max. 0,3A sensor lead operation, independent arbitrary function
  • Integrated current measuring 4 channels 10µA - 8A
  • Different Trigger inputs, opto-decoupled
  • Counter inputs, on two channels
  • Universal MCD interface for expansion of multiplexing
  • External supply of scanner and mechanics with 5V/3A, 12V/5A, 24V/2A
  • Cross multiplexing expandable (optional)

UMS2600 Measurement System
Order number: 115245