Infotainment Test System

Infotainment motherboards are tested and programmed with this test system. The system is constructed modularly and is easily adaptable to future requirements.


  • Voltage and current measurements
  • Analog and digital video test
  • Testing and programming of the various blocks on the devices
  • Audio Test via Toolmonitor AudioAnalyzer
  • Two samples are tested parallel
  • Highly complex contacting of the RF connector
  • Universal multiplexing
  • High frequency activation for tuner and GPS
  • 2D barcode scanning for measurement recording and type differentiation
  • Maximum, minimum and absolute value comparisons

Equipment components:

Examples for application of functional test systems:

  • Testing of various electronic units
  • Functional testing of components
  • Tuner modules
  • Connector test
  • Review and comparison of printed circuit boards
  • etc.

The integrated LVDS Switch-Analyzer is the result of an internal development of MCD Elektronik.
The Analyzer was developed as part of a test system. With the Analyzer, the digital color information of any line within a video image can be recorded and evaluated. In addition, a 2-wire LVDS signal from one of four inputs is deserialized and the information contained within is recorded. The signal of the same or a different input can be transmitted to the LVDS output and from there be forwarded to a reference display.