The Secret to Perfect Coffee

Published on: 08.06.2016 Category: Trade Fairs Trade Fairs

MCD presented a (measurement technical) perfect coffee at the Productronica 2015.

At the trade fair Productronica 2015 MCD Elektronik developed a special concept to display the wide range and the precision of their measurement systems. It was the aim to offer an excellent coffee to the fair visitors, as well as to inform about the test systems. Therefore, these systems where integrated into the coffee test stand, that the visitors were able to experience the process live at the "messBAR".

Gergely Boross, hobby barista and Chief Representative of Hungary, produced a perfect cup of coffee that was technically measured with the help of a specifically developed MCD toolmonitor. Every visitor received the detailed measurement data about her coffee as an individual document in card format. But, how exactly was the testing process?

You can find out by watching this brand new video:

Coffee Video

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