Another rotation sensor test system completed

Published on: 01.06.2017 Category: Products Products

The project managers Yannick Rauscher (on the left) and Heinrich Bayer (on the right) proudly present their test system just before the delivery.

This test system was developed for programming and testing of various analog rotation sensors, also called level sensors. These rotation sensors are used for the regulation of headlights depending on the vehicles level to guarantee an optimal illumination of the road without blinding oncoming traffic.

At first, the sensors are programmed at the test stand and subsequently all functionality is tested. Thereby, the encoder signals are measured and analyzed by a type-specific rotation. The concept of the test system with the possibility of a circular arrangement allows to maximise the testing of many different level sensor types in tight spaces by only one operator. The customer specific implementation contains a complete software integration as a LabVIEW® application.

Furthermore, the following MCD products are part of the system: