Innovation system VTS 2030 becoming even more popular

Published on: 13.02.2019 Category: Products Products

Functional test system for infotainment systems based on VTS 2030.

It has been around 1 year since the testing technology specialist MCD developed and introduced the innovative standard test system VTS 2030. Since then, the demand for this highly flexible system as a basis for customized measurement and testing systems continues to increase.

Now the first functional test system for infotainment systems based on the VTS 2030 could be delivered for a well-known truck brand. The assembly with the dimensions 19" - 10" - 19" allows to program and test up to four main boards simultaneously by using two adapters (each for two DUTs).

The space-saving design of this test system and the integration of further MCD products, such as the control unit MIO1616, the USB hub, the measurement software TestManager CE as well as the toolmonitor ResourceManager, makes self-tests of the PCBs and RF calibration possible. But there are not only functional tests of each main board, also current, voltage and frequency measurements as well as USB, video and audio signals will be tested. The communication takes place via RS232, CAN and BroadR-Reach.

A flexible and future-proof usage, even with changing varaints, is guranteed by the pylon receivers on the backside of each adapter, which can be changed very quickly.