Technician project with VTS 2030 test system finalized

Published on: 15.04.2019 Category: Youth Promotion Youth Promotion

Technicians team

The technicians team of the Gottlieb-Daimler School 2 with their robot application.

In cooperation with the technical school Gottlieb-Daimler School 2 at Sindelfingen, MCD supports the project for three prospective technicians for automation technology. Marcel Frank, Tobias Schäfer and Valentin Schmidt realized the application of a collaborating robot at MCD's "VTS 2030" test system with their work.

The modularly designed, standardized test system was extended with a robotic arm, relating sensor and software programming. Thereby, the application of the technician project is used for the fully automated testing of printed circuit boards. These PCBs are provided in a magazine and removed by the robot, are optical tested for completeness with a camera system, a barcode is read and the PCB is inserted in a test fixture for functional testing afterwards. The robot automatically changes his gripper tool to close the fixture and sorts the tested PCB to the storage rack based on to the test result.

The technician project accumulates about 700 hours of work and was supported by MCD Elektronik in the construction, programming and application phases. The company looks forward to the evaluation of this project which also demonstrates the flexibility of the "VTS" series.