Automation by robot application

Published on: 20.05.2019 Category: Products Products

The "VTS 2030" standard test system with robot application

By the integration of a collaborating robot on MCD's "VTS 2030" test system, this system can now also be used for test processes within fully automated assembly lines in the future.

Because the robot arm carries out all test steps for the tests of PCBs and sorts the tested PCBs in accordance to the test result, this application is efficiently usable in assembly lines. This is possible as a collaborating robot - which means that it is integrated into the production environment and works together with the operators - or as a part of a fully automated production line if the working speed is raised and protection cage secures the robot. Tool changes are also automatically integrated into the test process, for example for the PCB transport with a gripper or to open and close the test fixture.

Additionally, there is a camera mounted on the robot which performs optical tests together with an imaging tool from MCD Elektronik. These are used for example to confirm the PCB position inside the storage rack, the full mounting of the PCB or the straightness of pins or increased elements.

The standard test system "VTS 2030" with robot application and its test processes are presented in detail with this video:

Video VTS 2030 with Robot Application

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