Participation in technical exhibition in Sindelfingen

Published on: 04.06.2019 Category: Trade Fairs Trade Fairs

The prospective technicians proudly present their final project in cooperation with MCD Elektronik.

This year, MCD Elektronik made it possible for three prospective technicians for automation technology to prepare their final thesis on the basis of the VTS 2030. After many hours of work and close cooperation with MCD's testing specialists, the result was presented today at the technical exhibition of the Gottlieb-Daimler-Schule 2, a technical training centre in Sindelfingen. With the help of a collaborating robot which was integrated into the VTS 2030 test system, it is now also possible to use this standard test system for fully automatic testing.

MCD Elektronik would like to thank you for the great and inspiring cooperation and wishes success with the presentation of the project.

Detailed information about the project as well as video material can be found here.