MCD is available for your concerns!

Published on: 20.03.2020 Category: Company Company

Also during these difficult times, MCD Elektronik GmbH is available for your concerns.

As anywhere else in the world, MCD Elektronik tries to meet the challenges of the current situation as much as possible. Security and health of the MCD employees and business partners are our top priority. The daily business is simultaneously maintained to support our customers.

  • You can rely on us!
    All MCD employees are still active for your orders and projects.

  • We are available for your concerns!
    Most of the MCD employees work from home but can still get in touch with you when necessary. In the most urgent cases, we still offer on-site support. Please note that MCD therefore has to do an individual risk analysis.

  • Emerge strengthened from this crisis together!
    MCD realized through a lot of conversations with you that the crisis also creates opportunities: exploring new directions of cooperation, questioning old processes and developing innovative solutions. This crisis can only be mastered with a collective focus on the future!

  • We stay in contact!
    Please contact us, we are available for your concerns. By e-mail, via our website's contact form or by telephone (07231-784050). We look forward to continuously supporting our customers.

All the best in the name of the whole MCD team,

Bruno Hörter