Expansion of the segments application and construction

Published on: 04.06.2020 Category: Employees Employees

Mr Timo Kirchherr (on the left) and Mr Julian Krebiehl (on the right) are new employees at the construction and application department.

MCD Elektronik was able to welcome personnel reinforcement to its headquarters in Birkenfeld in spite of the currently difficult situation. Mr Timo Kirchherr and Mr Julian Krebiehl are two qualified specialists that were acquired for the application and construction department and started their work this week.

Mr Kirchherr reinforces MCD with his PCB layout and CAD technology know how. Engineering drawings and drafting of manufacturing documents are part of his activity field just like the development of creative concepts for adaptions or special machines.

Mr Krebiehl will cover electrical and mechanical assembly tasks in the MCD manufacturing department. The installation and technical commissioning of MCD components and test systems along with the relating documentation also belong to his working areas.

The whole team of the MCD Elektronik wishes its new colleagues a good start and a lot of success for the shared future in Birkenfeld.