Test system for CO2 measurement cells delivered

Published on: 28.09.2020 Category: Products Products

The MCD test system tests high-precision CO2 measurement cells.

To define the CO2 concentration in gaseous objects, the relevant measurement cells have to work reliably. To ensure this criterion, the measurement cells are getting tested by an MCD Elektronik test system.

The samples are placed into a pressure-tight chamber before it is flooded with various gases. In this case, CO2 is used but oxygen or helium are also possible for this procedure. After that, the measurement cells analyse the CO2 concentration in the chamber, since a too high content would be dangerous for the operators. The test system is comparing the added CO2 amount with the DUT analysis and determines the usability of the measurement cells. The test system is executed with a barcode scanner in the production environment.

MCD Elektronik is glad that they were able to successfully deliver a new test system for this new field of application.