Trophy handover to MCDs betting game winners

Published on: 22.12.2022 Category: Employees Employees

The first three winners of MCDs betting game: Dennis Rayker (middle), Stephan Söhnle (left) und Marcel Bräuninger (right).

Shortly after Lionel Messi lifted the trophy last sunday at Lusail, the winners of MCDs FIFA World Cup 2022 betting game were honored. MCDs dual student Dennis Rayker won the first place by three points after a suspenseful final. Project manager Stephan Söhnle predicted the World Cup winner Argentina and finalist France at the beginning of the betting game, so these extra points moved him to second place. Software engineer Marcel Bräuninger showed personified stability and defended the third place since the second game day. MCD Elektronik congratulates and hopes that the 3D printed trophies will get a nice place at the winner's desks.

MCDs Artificial Intelligence also took (unrivalled) part at the betting game and confidently was in front until the World Cup quarter-finals. Taught data of former World Cups, odds and qualification games were automatically analyzed and tips were generated. There were 37 games that were forecasted correctly, with correct goal diffference or result tendency. Without the late scored goal from France, the number of overall scored goals would have been predicted exactly, too. Thus, MCD's AI confirmed universal fields of application once again.