MCD Elektronik GmbH hosted "Chef-Erfa 2023" event

Published on: 03.04.2023 Category: Company Company

The "Chef-Erfahrungsaustausch" at MCD was an interesting event.

Shortly before the Easter holidays, MCD Elektronik hosted the event "Chef-Erfahrungsaustausch" of the wvib Schwarzwald AG (business association of industrial companies from Baden), in other words, a management experience exchange. CEO Bruno Hörter welcomed various shareholders and CEOs from industrial, medium-sized companies, which periodically meet within this network. The company from Birkenfeld, its business model and its future orientation were presented and discussed. It was a great event with interesting conversations and outstandig feedback for MCD. The company thanks all of the participants!

A huge thanks also goes to the company Plasmatreat from IKG Dammfeld (Birkenfeld) and its sales manager Joachim Schüssler, who provided the meeting rooms as well as the showroom for lunch time. That was not possible at MCD headquarters as test systems were occupying training rooms and canteen, but the WVIB and MCD participants were properly supplied at the modern subsidiary in MCD's neighborhood. Furthermore, MCD thanks the Hotel-Restaurant Taormina in Birkenfeld, which was once again the perfekt location for the subsequent dinner.