Audio Switch

These hardware components, which are available as Input and Output Audio-Switches, are used as switching devices for input or output signals. Up to 16 devices can be connected in series, enabling the connection for up to 128 input or output channels.

By purchasing these hardware components the Toolmonitor Audio Switch for digital controlling of input and output channels is directly included.

For third-party software, the Toolmonitor Audio Switch can be fully remote controlled. COM/DCOM or .Net-Assembly is used as an interface. This allows the Toolmonitor to be integrated in a large number of applications (Microsoft Visual Studio® (C#, C++, Visual Basic),  Microsoft Office®  (e.g. Excel®), Open Office®, LabView®, MCD TestManager CE).

The input and output channels can be switched on the two input and output channels of the MCD AudioAnalyzer. The devices are controlled via either USB 2.0 or RS232 interfaces on the reverse side of the Audio Switches.

Active connections to the busbars are displayed by blue and red status LEDs at each input and output channel.

  • Size: 44 mm x 350 mm x 135 mm
  • Weight: 1,65 kg
  • USB 2.0 or RS232 interface for power supply and controlling
  • 8 inputs or outputs connected to signal source
  • 2 XLR pin sockets or 2 XLR connector plugs each as connection to MCD AudioAnalyzer
  • 10 status LEDs

Output Audio Switch, Desktop Version
Order number: 122083

Input Audio Switch, Desktop Version
Order number: 122084

Output Audio Switch

Download Output Audio Switch Manual

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Input Audio Switch

Downlaod Input Audio Switch Manual

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manual input-audio-switch mcd.pdf