The MCD Videomultiplexer is ideal for all areas of image processing, particularly for HDTV systems. Up to 8 analog cameras can be multiplexed on either one or two outputs. Cascading of multiplexers is also possible.

If supported by an image processing board, connected cameras are continuously synchronizable both vertically and horizontally. Switching to the next channel will receive the synchronization. The image can be read consecutively.

  • Control via serial port, parallel port, open collector outputs or PLC
  • Connection of cameras and frame-grave via standard camera cable
  • No wiring for power supply of cameras needed
  • Control of camera power supply and the connected image processing board via LED
  • Front-panel controls and indicators for monitoring and diagnostic purposes
  • Standard video inputs and outputs as well as positive or negative synchronization with an adjustable trigger level
  • Low space requirement because of 19'' / 1 RU EMC plugin 
    • 1U rack chassis with 350 mm depth and an anodized frontplate
    • Power supply through AC plug, line filter, fuse and power switch
    • Camera/output connectors with 12-pin. HIROSE connectors

    Video-/synchronization data

    Video inputs
    Frequency range designed for HDTV-application
    Input level max. 3 Vss
    Input resistance 75 Ω to GND,visually selectable
    Video outputs
    Output level max. 1,5 Vss at 75 Ω
    Output resistance 75 Ω
    Synchronization inputs
    Input level positivw or negativ, trigger level which can be selected
    Input resistancde 75 Ω to GND, visually selectable
    Synchronization outputs
    Output resistance 75 Ω to GND, visually selectable
    Dimensions 19" / 1 RU EMC plugin
    Current supply 100–230 V ± 10%, 47-63 Hz
    Power draw max. 60 W
    Ambient temperature 0 °C – 45 °C
    Camera supply 12 V, short circuit-proof
    Camera power max. 5 W
    • Serial control 9-pin.SUB-D connector
    • Parallel connection 25-pin. SUB-D connector
    • Parallel inputs with plus or minus controllable, short-circuit
    • Range of input range: 4-30 V
    • Auxiliary voltage control internal (5 V or external)

    Videomultiplexer 1 channel to 4
    Order number: 2585

    Videomultiplexer 1 channel to 8
    Order number: 2586

    Videomultiplexer 2x 1 channel to 4
    Order number: 2587