EOL Test System for Multifunctional Antennas

Multifunctional antennas of automobiles have to accommodate a variety of requirements. Constant motion, interfering signals or different wavelength ranges should not affect the signal strength, the range of the frequencies should be as comprehensive as possible. The EOLT includes the signal testing and the mechanical control.


  • Current and voltage measurements
  • Frequency test from kHz to very high frequency range
  • Testing of various signals:

    • Radio signals (AM, FM, DAB II)
    • Navigation signals GNSS (GPS, GLONASS)
    • Satellite signals (SDARS, TV)
    • Mobile and CB radio (also protected signals)

  • Mechanical testing via sensors
  • Examination of diagnostic functions
  • Automatic detection and switching functions

Equipment components:

  • Measurement software TestManager CE and Toolmonitor Data Manager
  • Control systems by MCD Elektronik
  • Specially developed helix antenna for stimulation of signals
  • RF adaption
  • Pneumatic controlled high frequency contacting
  • 2D mini barcode scanner
  • ULC rack with a network adapter
  • Industrial PC

Application examples:

  • Testing of signals and frequencies
  • Testing of transmitting and receiving modules
  • Testing of high frequency amplifiers
  • Testing of telecommunication modules
  • Testing of satellite receivers
  • etc.