Cascadable Cross Multiplexer

The MCD XMUX32x4 is a cross multiplexer card for use in MCD measurement systems. It offers the possibility of 32 rows and 4 columns to be interconnected arbitrarily. The board is controlled via the MCD Bus.

  • Signal multiplexing
  • Switching of measurement and sensor signals
  • Cascadable
  • Alarm management for diagnosis
  • Control LED for status indication
  • Reliable field-proven hardware
  • Robust software drivers
  • Inexpensive micro-controller technology
  • Long-term secure investment
  • Easy and quick adjustment to specific applications
  • Design and development of MCD
Size Europe Card 3TE - 160mm / 100mm
Number of Channels Cross Multiplexer
128 Relays
Max. Input Voltage Channel to Mass
Channel to Channel
Max. Switching Voltage AC / DC 48V each
Switch Current Maximum 1A
Rel. Contact Resistance Initial 50 mOhm
Life Expectancy Mechanical
Electrical (30W Load)
Electrical (1W Load)
10 8
10 5
10 5
Switching Times Response Time
Fall Time
<= 3ms
<= 5ms

Cross Multiplexer X-MUX 32 to 4 multiplexing group V1.1        
Order number: 140086