Optical + Electrical test stand

Test system for optical testing of LED‘s in the medical field.


  • Measuring of the diode characteristics with source meter at different environmental conditions
  • Sequential testing of 60 LED‘s in use on a XYZ -stand
  • Luminous flux measurement with integrated sphere
  • Measurement of the wavelength + / - 1 mm
  • Optical power at various stages
  • Measurement of characteristics
  • Creating reports of the measurement process

Equipment components:

  • Source meter
  • Spectrometer with integrating sphere
  • Measurement software TestManager CE
  • Toolmonitor Data Manager
  • ULC rack with special adaption
  • Cover with screen
  • Touch screen monitor

Application examples:

  • Testing of LED´s
  • Special test systems
  • Mechanical test devices
  • XYZ-enabled multi-test devices
  • Automation of testing tasks