Assembly and Test Station for Vehicle Flap Actuators

Through the combination of assembly and test concept, this test system for vehicle flap actuators was developed. Flap actuators, that are responsible for sound regulation, energy recovery or emission reduction inside the exhaust systems of cars, are bolted together with a support element at the assembly station. A right angle screwdriver with measurement data acquisition is used, which transfers the test data to the MCD measurement software TestManager CE for analysis.

After being mounted, the electronic control and signal processing of the flap actuators is tested. By simple replacements of exchangeable fixtures, flap actuators on tailpipes as well as on mufflers can be assembled and tested at this EOL test system.


  1. Assembly Station

    • Mounting and screwing of flap actuator to tailpipes or mufflers
    • Integration of the assembly station under ergonomic aspects via balancer suspension

  2. End-of-Line Test System

    • Manual contacting of the flap actuators via a 5-pole measuring cable
    • Electronic control of the actuators via PWM signals
    • Automatic recognition of exchangeable fixtures via R-code with automatic type switching
    • Current and signal measurements
    • Analysis of PWM signals and current waveforms
    • Analysis of the torque value via the screwing adaption
    • MCD control unit MIO1616 undertakes mechanical handling
    • Reading of barcodes via a manual scanner
    • Simultaneous test of two mounted tailpipes or one muffler

Equipment components:

Application examples:

  • End-of-Line test of PWM controlled components
  • Assembly of components for final devices
  • etc.