USB Hub 3.0 6-Port, switchable

This USB hub has six USB downstream ports with quick USB 3.0 standard that can be turned on and off individually via USB. Due to USB 3.0 integration, the data transfer rate will increase tremendously compared to the USB 2.0 standard.

The USB hub is operated using a 12...24 VDC power supply with at least 35 W output power, which is sufficient for a 900 mA output current on each USB port.

The USB ports have a function to detect when a USB device is connected. This also works for connected devices that only use the power from the connection (such as USB fans or reading lights). Connection detection can be disabled individually for each port if the small test current should lead to unexpected problems. When switching it off, the supply voltage (+5 V) and the data lines on the semiconductor switches are separated. The control is via ASCII commands or the Toolmonitor USB hub (PC software), which is included in delivery in the form of an USB memory stick. Whether or not and which ports are active after switching on the hub can all be configured and stored. The USB 3.0 host connection is usually also used to control the USB hub. Alternatively, however, control can also be provided from another host using the additional USB 2.0 connection on the back. In addition to this control via USB, ports can alternatively also be turned on and off via external control inputs.

The ports switch to the configurable default state during connecting the external power supply. The connection for the external power supply is a DC connector. COM/DCOM or a .Net-Assembly is used as an interface. This allows the Toolmonitor USB hub to be integrated in a large number of applications (MCD TestManager CE, LabView®, Microsoft Visual Studio® (C#, C++, Visual Basic), Microsoft Office® (e.g. Excel®), OpenOffice®). Control via virtual serial interface is also possible. There is also a command-line tool available. Furthermore, the USB hub 3.0 6-Port can also be implemented for Linux operating systems, if required.


  • USB 3.0 host connection to control downstream ports individually
  • 6 ports, individually switchable with up to 2.5 A per port, total output current up to 6 A
  • Each port is protected by a resettable overload breaker
  • Current limitation adjustable, connected devices are protected from excess current by the adjusted shutoff limit
  • Adjustable charger emulation for many mobile devices (such as CDP, DCP, etc.), automatic mode tries different profiles
  • Detection of whether a device has been connected to a port and detection of connection of none-USB devices (such as USB fans, USB reading lights, etc.)
  • Current measurement for every port (resolution about 10 mA): detection of defects (e.g. current consumption too high / too low), measurement of the current consumption of connected devices
  • Display for port/channel: on / off / excess current / charge / charge complete / no device connected (mode always visible from outside)
  • On and off via USB ports
  • Separation of power supply and data lines by a turned-off port
  • LEDs to indicate switched ports
  • Control via Toolmonitor USB-Hub
  • Control via the USB hub connection or an additional USB control connection (hub functionality and control of the USB hub with just one cable), alternatively supports connection of the hub to a host (e.g. an embedded host) with simultaneous control from another host (such as a PC)
  • Permits control via external control elements like switches, relays, open collector outputs and control voltages from 0 V (low) and 2.5 ... 24 V (high), polarity (active low / active high) and priority (parallel input / control via USB) individualy configurable for each port
  • Back feed from the power supply to the USB host
  • Robust metal housing
  • User-defined labeling of USB hub to distinguish from other USB hubs on the controlling host
  • Remote control with a lot of operating systems or programming languages via ASCII commands
  • Incl. power supply with DC power connector (screwable)
  • Installation package with all programming interfaces

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USB hub 3.0 6-Port, switchable (2 control inputs)
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USB hub 3.0 6-Port,
2 control inputs, switchable

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2 control inputs

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