Test System for PCBs in Dentistry Devices

This test system tests up to four circuit boards which are used in LED curing lights from dental technology. The fixture with a mobile ULC rack allows a short handling period by inserting and testing the four PCBs simultaneously.

Therefore, high passing times of about two PCB sets per minute are possible. Marks inside the fixture enable a quick and simple allocation and control function of the LED control PCBs.

The operator is supported by a half-automated test process, in which he has to manually confirm the enquired functions by touch screen or barcode scanner. Measurement documentation is controlled via measurement software TestManager CE, so even during multiple measurements it is possible to avoid that the measurement data is overwritten. The test software allows display, individual storage and protection of the failed test results from unauthorized access.

Every single failure can be assigned to the corresponding test point on the tested PCB. The success of this project is finally confirmed by a validation according to medical technology guidelines. See press release


  • Full automatical testing for current and voltage values at different loads
  • Testing of LED power source with 2x470 nm and 1x410 nm
  • Additional examination of subsequent operating functions of the "controller" PCB
  • Functional test of activation function for control LED, buzzer and push buttons
  • Confirmation of requested functions manually via touch screen monitor
  • Maximum of four PCBs can be inserted in a fixture

Equipment components: