Test System for Automotive Mirror Dispatch Boxes

To ensure a complete and correct mounting of dispatch boxes for automotive mirror-casings, this fully automatic conveyor belt system was developed for an automotive supplier. This optical test system combines a seven meter long conveyor belt, two lifting tables and a testing cell with triangulation sensors and clamping cylinders.

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  • Start of testing sequence by manually scanning of barcodes
  • Automatic conveyor run of opened dispatch boxes into testing cell
  • Indexing of box inlays by clamping cylinders
  • Parallel distance measurement and testing of differences in altitude of the mounted automotive mirror-casings
  • Color-independent controlling by triangulation sensors, that allows for a more flexible testing of various mirror-casings
  • Evaluation of received signals
  • Interruption of the conveying path by stopper cylinders in case of a "fail" result
  • Removal of successfully approved dispatch boxes and print of a shipping label at the end of the conveyor belt
  • Controlling of the conveyor belt system via MCD LogicDesigner

Equipment components:

Application examples:

  • Production, shipment and packaging controls
  • Completeness and presence checks
  • Integration in a variety of different conveyor belts possible
  • and much more