Toolmonitor ReportManager

Toolmonitor ReportManager is used for the creation of report drafts and user-specific reports, which record measurement results after a test procedure of the TestManager CE. The Toolmonitor ReportManager is basically an extension of the TestManager CE.

After performing each test procedure, the TestManager CE transfers all test results and parameters to the Toolmonitor ReportManager automatically. The data can be directly accessed and retrieved, which gives the advantage that it is not neccessary to use a database.

Subsequently, this data can be used for the creation of reports. Up to three different reports can be parallel defined and used at the same time.

Toolmonitor ReportManager was developed for the following application areas:

  • Reports of measurement data for the current DUT of a test procedure
  • Product documentation
  • Calibration protocols
  • Product labels

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Manual Toolmonitor ReportManager

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