Copy and Verification Station for HDD Hard Drives

Already a few years ago MCD developed a copy and verification station into a standard structure. Now two variants are available for different application areas.

For the duplication and verification of HDD hard drives this clone station was developed for a well-known automotive supplier, but it is also used in various other industrial sectors. These include the automotive and IT industry as well as medical, information, defense and safety technology.

Depending on the application area, different variants of this copy station can be offered now. For the rack version a drawer system is used to insert the hard disks. By stacking 3 drawers within a rack, up to 27 HDDs can be duplicated simultaneously in a space-saving way.

In order to reduce height and improve the modular application capacity the desktop version was developed. Instead of the drawer system, so-called desktop stations are used here. This allows for a flat design and expands options up to 4 desktop stations (36 hard drives).


  • Various copy modes make it possible to mirror unchanged drives or to duplicate partial data areas via an intelligent copying process
  • The station has up to 4 autonomous desktop stations or 3 autonomous drawers each with 9 slots and one master frame. So the station is able to copy up to 27 or 36 hard drives (depends on the used version) simultaneously or 3-4 different sources (master drive) can be used, which enables an asynchronous recording
  • Data transfer speed up to 24 GB/minute
  • The contacting of the hard drives is performed via the original cable. The copying actions and locking of the station starts by keypressing or with the help of an eccentric lever
  • The type to be created is selected via bar code, which is checked during scanning or after insertion of the HDD
  • The correct allocation of the hard drives is ensured by a manual barcode reader and position sensors
  • The desktop stations as well as the drawers remain completely locked until the end of the programming operation
  • Control is based on the MCD Toolmonitor Telnet, Toolmonitor Visu, Toolmonitor SerIO and the measurement software TestManager CE
  • SMART-data like operating hours, temprature etc. is read out automatically
  • For a comfortable user guidance, one touch screen is installed for each autonomous unit
  • The connection to SAP can be guaranteed

Application examples:

  • Recording of infotainment systems
  • Duplication of the basic configuration of PC's in large quantities
  • Reproduction of security backups or software
  • Creation of backups
  • Secure data deletion and migration
  • Fast and safe realisation of hard drive upgrades
  • and much more