LabVIEW® Sequencer

MCD's LabVIEW® Sequencer is an extensive software tool for the creation of user-specific test processes. This tool builds a connection between the products of MCD and the world of LabVIEW® from the test and measurement solution producer National Instruments. The software offers similar solutions as MCD's measurement software TestManager CE, but based on the LabVIEW® programming systems and with the possibility to integrate all of the MCD Toolmonitors.

Its simple and intuitive interface handling for creating test sequences doesn't require a long training period for the user. An integrated test editor supports the development of random test steps with variable parameters. The interface is also created and preconfigured via LabVIEW® and offers a variety of valuable features. This particularly includes language switching, reporting about current measurement values and test results, a service menu for facilitation of troubleshooting and debugging as well as a function for cyclical reference component testing with pass/fail evaluation.

Created test steps can be simply programmed at so called "test cases" inside the LabVIEW® environment. Consisting LabVIEW® applications and VI's are integrated to the entire system as well. Test processes are structured, type families are summarized and existing procedures are modified by creating variants via the integrated type management. Type selection of DUTs takes place automatically or manually via its also integrated order management.

Besides the integration of DLL's and other third-party software, MCD's LabVIEW® Sequencer offers the usage of all MCD Toolmonitors inside the LabVIEW® environment. This offers comfortable integrations of SQL databases for measurement data storing or the usage as a module for process monitoring with MCD's Toolmonitor Data Manager. With the LabVIEW® Seqencer, these additional following features are available for the user:

  • Fail repeats and jumps
  • Access rights management for all functions
  • Local statistics with variable subsequent fault detection and treatment
  • Variant filters
  • CSV export
  • Parallelization of test processes via multiple instances
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