ULC Multifunctional Card

The ULC multifunction card is equipped with a complex FPGA device that provides many possibilities (A/D, D/A, logic, analysis, counter, self-testing, calibration...) via a USB interface.

A/D section

The test card has a total of six bi-polar analog input channels, one of which is a differential input and the remaining ones being single ended. All channels are sampled synchronously. The sampling rate has a maximum of 500 KHz for all channels.

D/A Section

The D/A converter has four identical channels. On these channels DC values or arbitrary waveforms can be put out at a sampling rate of up to 1 MHz.

Frequency Counter+Logic Analysis

The counter inputs can evaluate pulses and frequencies. In addition, the inputs can be used for logic analysis.

Self-test, Self-calibration

AD+DA are equipped with an intelligent self-test device that can be used for self-calibration.

Size Europe Card
(without connectors)
160 mm / 100 mm
Supply voltage 6 W max. 12 V DC
Controlling USB 2.0 High Speed
Connectors Analog input / output #140089
Analog input / output #140090

Analog input / output #140091
VG64 (female) multipoint connector
2x32 pol pin header / VG64 pin header
2x32 pol pin header
Analog outputs 4 channels
Useful as functions generator
Galvanic isolation
± 10 V / 2 mA
16 bit up to 1Msample/s

Of analog inputs and remaining circuitry
Digital outputs TTL 4 channels
MCD bus
Trigger-Out; PWM
Analog inputs 4 channels (single ended)
1 channel (single ended)
1 channel (differential)
Up to ± 24 V
Up to ± 24 V
Up to ± 24 V
Digital inputs Resolution
All analog channels grope synchronic
Galvanic isolation

5TTL (LVTTL compatible)

4 channels
16 bit
Up to 500 kSamples/s

Quadrature encoder, period / frequency measurement
Measurement of resistors 4 channels
Mint current
Measurement range

100 µA
Up to 10 kOhm
5 Ohm

Order Information

ULC Multifunctional Card (USB)
Order number: 118928

ULC Multifunctional Card with base plate for cabinet applications 
Order number: 150066   

ULC Multifunctional Card

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