Toolmonitor AudioAnalyzer

The Toolmonitor AudioAnalyzer is a software-based solution to analyze and generate analog and digital signals in the audio field. The audio signals are made available to the MCD AudioAnalyzer in digital form.

Besides the controlling of the AudioAnalyzer as a stand-alone application it is also possible to remotely control or query all the functions and values of other Windows programs. For this purpose a COMClient/server interface is used.

For the analysis of audio signals, in addition to frequency and various signal strength measurements, measurements of THD and FFT spectrum are possible. Through the integrated signal generators, different wave and modulation forms are generated. The input range extends from 1 mV to 50 V.  The generator is controllable in the range up to 15 V.

The surface of the Toolmonitor AudioAnalyzer can be widely adapted and adjusted to varying applications. The measured values obtained can be integrated well into the different programs. Special programming knowledge is not required. For input, both analog and digital signal sources are possible.


  • Modern and user friendly interface
  • Extremely flexible design of user interface
  • Efficient FFT analysis
  • Powerful generators (AM, FM, PM-Modulation)
  • Easy to use filter
  • Data import and export
  • Support of multiple sound cards  in a PC (internal+external)
  • Extremely fast measurement functions for frequency response, phase transitions, and more.
  • Access to all mixer settings
  • Very high accuracy of the measurement calculation
  • Comprehensive measurement functions such as amplitude, RMS, frequency, harmonic distortion, phase, etc.
  • Automatic detection and reporting of frequency and phase response
  • Typical measurement times of a frequency response 0-24 kHz at 200-300 ms
  • Sweep functions
  • Load and save all settings via project files
  • Remote control of all foreign systems
  • Analog, digital inputs can be selected via the data acquisation card

Using the TestManager CE, the automated Toolmonitor AudioAnalyzer can be controlled remotely.


  • Oscilloscope
  • FFT-spectrum
  • RMS, THD
  • FREQ, PtoP
  • Generators

Input / Output

  • Analog      
  • Digital      
  • Optical      

Order Information

License fee for Toolmonitor AudioAnalyzer
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Order Information

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Order number: 151015

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Toolmonitor AudioAnalyzer

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Installation Manual

Download Toolmonitor AudioAnalyzer Installation Manual

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