VideoAnalyzer and Generator

The VideoAnalyzer and Generator SD (single density) can convert analog video signals in composite and S-Video or RGB format or color difference signals; these are digitized according to NTSC or PAL format and it also can generate such a signal. Power supply and control via the USB 2.0 Full Speed Connection.

The device is available as a combined unit with VideoAnalyzer and Generator, or just as the Generator. This unit can be controlled remotely via our MCD Toolmonitor.

Self-defined test patterns can be loaded via the USB-Interface.

USB port for powering and controlling

  • Generator, Analyzer

4 inputs

  • CVBS
  • Y-C
  • RGB
  • Y-Pb-Pr

3 Outputs

  •  FBAS, Y-C
  •  RGB
  •  Y-Pb-Pr

Video Generator CVBS/S-Video          
Order number: 119836

VideoAnalyzer, Generator CVBS/S-Video
Order number: 119163

License fee for Toolmonitor Videoanalyzer CVB
Order number: 119078

Toolmonitor VideoAnalyzer

Download Toolmonitor VideoAnalyzer (Trial Version)

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Version - 29.10.2015

Manual VideoAnalyzer

Download VideoAnalyzer Manual

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