Toolmonitor Eyebox

This Toolmonitor is used for the positioning of robots which are equipped with cameras. The so-called "eyebox" describes the working area of the camera, where the camera is aligned to virtual picture elements. It is also possible to control the robot outside the eyeboxes with a relative, absolute process via the Toolmonitor.

Parameters like speed, position, connected tools and rotation of the eyebox can be pre-defined via user interface. Furthermore, a precise selection of robot types with deposited usage information is possible. The following functions can be executed with Toolmonitor Eyebox:

  • Basic operations like connection, speed or homing
  • Status interface for overview about connection information and state of the robot
  • Type interface for definition of robot properties
  • Tool interface for selection of connected tools
  • Eyebox interface for selection of different eyebox frames and measurement points 
  • Eyebox display for displaying of camera position and measurement points
  • Eyebox positioning for setting of camera movement inside the eyebox
  • Free positioning for setting of robot movement outside the eyebox
  • Sequence interface for setting of defined test processes, which can be taught in
  • Offset interface for comparison of the robot's and vehicle's coordinate system
  • Named Elements interface for displaying of deposited vehicle coordinates
  • Battery interface for displaying of battery level
  • Span interface for manual specification of camera movement inside the eyebox interface


The following practical applications are possible:

  • Perspective simulation for multimedia equipment, for example smartphones or TV devices
  • Testing of vehicle mirrors by use of laser tools on the robot arm
  • Motion simulation of driver for optical analysis of head up displays in vehicles

For third-party software, the Toolmonitor can be fully remote controlled. COM/DCOM or .Net-Assembly is used as an interface. This allows the Toolmonitor Eyebox to be integrated in a large number of applications (Microsoft Visual Studio® (C#, C++, Visual Basic), Microsoft Office® (e.g. Excel®), Open Office®, LabView®, MCD TestManager CE).

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