Test System for electronic control units

This test system was delivered to a producer of lighting systems. It is used for the testing of control units for greenhouse lamps. Consisting of test rack and adapter this measurement system is especially constructed for high voltage testing with about 3 kV. With the integrated PicoScope® scanning of signal changes, which occur at the CPU-LEDs, as well as the evaluation by MCD Toolmonitor is possible.


  • High voltage testing with 3 kV
  • Power and voltage measurement
  • Functional and component testing
  • Programming of samples with an "Atmel MK2" device
  • Usage, setting and evaluation of different test modes
  • Reading, analysing and archiving of EEPROM data
  • Ignition test measurement with 3 kV and frequency analysis

Equipment components:

  • PicoScope® hardware with interface and measurement functions via MCD Toolmonitor PicoScope®
  • Measurement software TestManager CE and control systems by MCD
  • Rigol Generator
  • Power supply EA-PSI
  • Keysight multimeter with multiplexer
  • Universal adapter
  • ULC rack
  • Industry PC

Application examples:

  • Functional testing of electronic control units for greenhouse lamps
  • High voltage measurements for electronic assemblies
  • Testing and alignment of most sensitive assemblies
  • etc.