HVAC/HVDC Test Station for LED Power Supplies

LED lighting systems with a high light intensity are employed at indoor and outdoor areas. These constant light sources with low power consumption and high durability are for example used at parking areas and train stations, in floodlights of football stadiums or in headlights of tv studios. The efficiency of these components is optimized via so-called constant current power supplies that are used as a permanent and optimal current source for these systems.

MCD Elektronik developed a system that is tests the PCBs of these constant current power supplies from LED modules. The system combines the programming, as well as short-circuit tests, performance tests and endurance tests under different electronic loads. Testing of various DUTs is possible via removable cartridges and the adaption with its supply lines below the working table. The test system is sustainably expandable and adaptable to customer requests because of these various removable cartridges.


  • Contacting and functional test of PCBs with up to 600 V (single-phase)
  • Programming of controller and software components
  • Testing of output voltage with up to 1000 V (20 kW)
  • Power and performance comparison of PCBs
  • Testing of power supply during permanent operation
  • Testing of single load outputs with mains feedback
  • High voltage tests
  • Display check of PCB LEDs
  • Signal control via oscilloscope
  • Short-circuit test at the DUT inputs and outputs
  • Testing of switch-off behaviour of the DUT outputs

Equipment components:

  • Measurement software TestManager CE
  • Control via MCD Toolmonitors (ElectronicLoad, PowerSupply, Serialline and Multimeter)
  • MCD control unit MIO1616
  • High voltage multiplexer
  • Frequency converter
  • Powermeter
  • High voltage adaption with exchange system, all supply lines below the working table
  • Various removable cartridges for different DUTs
  • Independent emergency stop
  • Isolation monitor

Application examples:

  • Testing of electronic control units and PCBs
  • Testing of safety relevant components
  • High voltage tests of electronic assemblies