Infotainment Test System

Electronic components, haptical elements or also complete devices are tested at MCD Elektronik with single testers or test lines for infotainment systems. The final products, understood as a fusion of radio, CD or DVD device, navigation system, hands-free module and driver assistance system, are always focused on the highest quality of use and manufacturing.

The technologies and devices are DUT-depending formed to various rack systems, test lines for manual or automatical testing or test lines with robot cells to develop test systems according to customer's needs at the end. The systems are constructed modularly and are easily adaptable to future requirements and DUTs. Furthermore, it is possible to test several DUTs simultaneously on most test systems.


  1. Electronic test

    • Testing of PCBs, transmitter and receiver units, etc.
    • Current, frequency and voltage measurements
    • Analog and digital video image inspection
    • Testing and programming of various components on the DUT
    • Audio tests via Toolmonitor AudioAnalyzer
    • USB, WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS signal testing
    • Communication test via RS232, CAN and BroadR-Reach
    • Highly complex contacting of RF connectors
    • Universal multiplexing
    • High frequency activation for tuner and GPS
    • Analog und digital measurements of tuner, AM, FM, DAB and satellite reception
    • 2D barcode data capture for measurement reporting and type distinction
    • Maximum, minimum and absolute value comparison

  2. Haptic test

    • Testing of buttons, rotary controls,
      touchscreen displays, etc.
    • Resistance measurements
    • Measurement of switching and redundancy points
    • Dynamic rotary actuation and friction force tests
    • Rotation angle and force-displacement measurement
    • Functional applications of operating elements

  3. Optic test

    • Testing of PCBs, operating elements, displays, etc.
    • Testing of illumination, LED color, position and quality of symbols on printed elements
    • Reading of lettering
    • Brightness measurement of displays
    • Color measurement across the entire color spectrum
    • Testing of completeness, presence and correct mounting of single components

  4. Testing of assembly capability

    • Testing of PCBs, complete operating elements, single components, etc.
    • Swash circuit inspection
    • Engaging force test

  5. End-of-Line test

    • Testing of complete devices, head units,
      disk drives, etc.
    • Device testing fom user perspective
    • Manual testing of voice control and menu navigation
    • Optic and acoustic tests
    • Manual testing of CD / DVD functionality
    • Functional applications of operating elements
    • Functional testing of external connections such as USB, HDMI, power supply, etc.

Application examples:

  • Testing of various electronic units
  • Functional testing of components
  • Tuner modules
  • Connector test
  • Review and comparison of printed circuit boards
  • Testing of transmitter and receiver units
  • Optical, haptic and electric tests of operating elements
  • Measurement of mechanical units
  • FInal check of complete infotainment systems
  • etc.