The extensive software application MCD COMET is used for development and execution of user-specific test and measurement applications. It connects MCD software and hardware products with the sequencer tool TestStand from the measurement and test technology manufacturer National Instruments®.

Thus, COMET is a strong interface for forward-looking applications that allows the performing of test and measurement processes via intuitive user interfaces by integration of all MCD Toolmonitors. The user interfaces are modern and flexible as well as easy to handle.

Besides the predefined, graphical user interfaces for selecting and controlling of the TestStand sequences, user-specific interfaces can be created. Therefore, a variety of graphical operating elements is available.

Provided surfaces, functions and interfaces are integrated from TestStand and contained inside the self-created user interfaces. The range of functions can be started in endurance or single pass mode with only a few clicks and is expandable via extern DLLs and third-party software. New functions can be additionally programmed via C#. The range of functions is moreover arbitrarily scalable through an integration of MCD tools. 

Basic Features:

  • Execution of test and measurement processes by using TestStand sequences
  • Order and type management
  • Development of specific user interfaces
  • Comfortable saving of measurement data into SQL databases
  • Programming of test sequences via C# scripts

Further features via integration of MCD Toolmonitors:

  • Support of various communication protocols (e.g. TCP/IP, UDP, RS232, LIN, CAN)
  • Efficient control of PLC systems
  • Automated process monitoring
  • Comfortable and simple control of various hardware components from well-known manufacturers
  • Imaging and image analysis
  • Audio and video measurements as well as signal analysis
  • Boundary Scan tests
  • Control of roboter arms

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Order number: 156480 

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