End-of-Line Test System

End-of-Line inspection systems are able to stimulate and measure the functions of mechanical parts and systems. The quality of the manufactured devices will be reviewed and made permanently safe. The tested samples can then go directly to dispatch.


  • Pass/fail labeler
  • Insertion station with 2D mini-scanner
  • Force-measurement
  • Check if inserted/positioned correctly
  • Compression of the housing cover
  • Mapping and operation of the test stations via a touch screen monitor
  • Indication and visualization of C# EXT-surface
  • A density test runs parallel and independently to test procedure
  • Functionality of the pressure equalizing membrane is tested via excess pressure and ventila-tion
  • Pass or fail label is applied automatically and read-back to the data consistence
  • Test sequence runs on clock timing

Examples for application of EOL Test Systems:

  • Measurement of mechanical elements
  • Quality assessment at delivery
  • Testing of control elements
  • Force/Displacement measurement
  • Final testing of various devices
  • Keypad test systems
  • Infotainment systems
  • Car mirrors inside/outside
  • Lighting units
  • etc.
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