Toolmonitor Logic Designer

MCD's Logic Designer is a tool which is integrated into the MCD Toolmonitors to facilitate graphical programming. Logical connections are created and displayed with this Toolmonitor via so-called "logic modules". These modules connect inputs and outputs of hardware components with variables, functions and events that are integrated via script engine. Hardware components could be MCD's mechanical control units MIO1616 and PIC8IO or the Sensor Actuator Box. A simulation of inputs and outputs is also possible.

Basically, the user interface of the Toolmonitor Logic Designer includes two utilization modes. These are design mode, for the creation of logical circuits and the execution mode, which is used for the testing of the circuits. With design mode, it is possible to use these logical modules and standard electronic circuits:

  • INPUT and OUTPUT for connecting of logical circuits to hardware components
  • AND, OR and XOR for linking of inputs and outputs
  • Pulse/Edge tags for edge detection
  • FlipFlop tags for prioritization of set and reset inputs
  • Global variables for communication with "Virtual Interface"
  • Flash modules for switching on and off outputs in intervals
  • Debounce modules for debouncing of inputs
  • Delay modules for planning of execution delays inside a circuit
  • HIGH and LOW for supplying of a permanent signal
  • Script modules for connecting of circuits and methods from script engine
  • Comment elements for description of logical circuits

The logic modules "INPUT", "OUTPUT", "Global Variable" and "Script" allow a smooth integration of the created circuits to other MCD Toolmomitors, for example to Toolmonitor SerIO, via "Virtual Interface". All modules can be variably configured. Beneath the specific configurations of the modules, commands such as positioning or description texts are generally available.

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Manual Toolmonitor Logic Designer

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