Boundary Scan

We aimed to develope the MCD Boundary Scan Controller to make the BSCAN technology easily applicable, and succeeded. We are proud to offer you a BSCAN with simple handling for an attractive price.

  • Separate card with self-controller
  • USB High Speed Interface
  • Up to four separate JTAG connectors
  • Additional interface for external ports
  • Electrical power supply for auxiliary electronics for external use
  • Easy handling
  • Integrated test surface
  • Chip design
  • Ports with interactive activation option
  • Simple application of BSCAN tools
  • Easy handling connection plugs
  • IEEE Std 1149.x compatible
  • Import of BSDL/JTAG files
  • Integrable with any test software

Software Functions

  • Integrated GUI
  • Tool monitors for different requirements
  • Manufacturer specific BSDL/JTAG files
  • Circuit diagram from PCB files
  • Board diagram over CAE/CAD data
  • Export -Tools: Excel, PDF
  • Graphically illustrated net list in a table
  • Connection of the circuit layout with labeled circuits and connectors
  • Manual or automatic activation of output and request of input
  • Implementation of contact and short circuit tests
  • Many search and analysis functions
  • Complex functioning tests over integrated script engine
  • Simple programming of test run
  • Integration of external components for stimulation of outputs of data acquisition
  • Comprehensive logging and reporting with integrated report designer
  • Programming of memory chips and (C)PLDs

Software interfaces

Integration into existing test systems via:
COM/ActiveX, .NET - Assembly, DLL-API

Base board 4 slots

Software license and 1 module BSCAN

Module BSCAN 1 channel

  • RS232 Interface 3,3 / 5 V
  • I²C Interface 3,3 / 5 V
  • SPI-Interface 3,3 / 5 V
  • 3 inputs/3 outputs 3,3 / 5 V

Base board for 4 slots incl. 1 BSCAN Channel
Order number: 117191

Module BSCAN 1 Channel (max. 4/cards)
Order number: 117193