EOL Test System for PCBs of High Voltage Heaters

In contrast to combustion engine vehicles, heating systems from hybrid or electric vehicles can not operate with waste heat from the engine. In order to enable the heating of interior space and windscreen, electrical heating systems were developed. For lack of commonly defined voltage values for traction batteries of electric vehicles, these heating systems must be able to reach a high degree of efficiency within a high voltage area of 250 up to 450 volt.

Inside these high voltage heaters, which are integrated as water heating systems to the water circulation of vehicles, the control PCB plays a fundamental part. Ideal voltage supply, moderate power consumption during standby current and proper communication between sensors and actuators via the serial communication system LIN are the most important tasks of these PCBs. They are tested, measured and controlled with the End-of-Line test system from MCD. Besides the high demand to quality-related characteristics, there is attached importance to the safety of operating personal by a special safety adaption. The test system was developed modularly with VTS standards and an 10" extracting unit which provides ideal utilization and service possibilities.


  • Barcode scan for verification of PCB
  • Testing of LIN communcation via newly developed LIN-CAN-Remote module
  • Current and voltage measurements during operation
  • High voltage test with up to 490 V
  • High current test with up to 12 A
  • Measurement of closed-circuit current within µA area

Equipment components:

Application examples:

  • End-of-Line tests of electronic control units and PCBs
  • High voltage and high current tests of electrical components
  • Control and tests of electrical communication signals