Sensor EOL Test System

We implemented a test system for level and chassis sensors, which was designed for 20 different variants for a well-known development partner in the automotive industry.


  • The variants release one or two analog signals or an analog signal and PWM-signal
  • They differ also in lever geometry, the calibration angle, the programmed characteristics and the lever guidance
  • On the test station, the sensors are programmed then a complete inspection is carried out
  • The giver signals are measured over a 370° rotation and evaluated afterwards
  • Programming and verification of two so called “DIEs“ of a sensor

Equipment components:

  • Touch screen monitor
  • LabView® Software application
  • Control unit MIO1616
  • Special workplace
  • Industrial computer
  • NI-Motion and DAQ components

Application examples:

  • Measurement of mechanical elements
  • Quality assessment at delivery
  • Testing of control elements
  • Force/Displacement measurement
  • Final testing of various devices
  • Keypad test systems
  • Testing and calibration of smart sensors
  • Examination of light curtains
  • Testing of safety components
  • etc.