Brush Motor Controller

This controller module for brush motors was primarily developed for the control of so-called flap actuators from the automotive sector. Now, this component is basically used for the testing of PWM controlled assemblies. It is also intended to simplify systems for force-displacement measurement by providing a variety of interfaces and functions.

  • Motor driver
  • PWM output
  • Programmer connection
  • Power supply for Hall sensor
  • SSI connection for position sensor
  • Input for quadrature encoder or pulse encoder with directional signal
  • Analog inputs
  • Torque sensor with a measuring range ±10 V
  • AUX measurement input with a measuring range of 18 V
  • PID controller
  • USB 2.0
  • Male connector 2x3 pins
  • Male connector Samtec IPL1 1x5 pins
  • Displaying of operations/activities by green LED, displaying of motor driver warnings/indicators by red LED
  • Forward and reverse operation
  • Peak current limitation configurable at four levels
  • Automatic shut-off on short circuit or overheating
  • Symmetrical PWM with adjustable frequency and duty cycle
  • Measurement of motor current between H-bridge and motor
  • 2 kΩ pull-up resistance can be connected to operating voltage
  • Functions for compensation and communication with flap actuators and PWM controlled assemblies
  • Precise 5 V power supply can be selected with a switch
  • Optional pre-scaler extends the counter range
  • Control measurements in the measuring range of 10 V for Hall sensor power supply
  • Signal from Hall sensor in 5 V measuring range
  • Acquisition of signals with up to 131.071 measurement points
  • Pre-trigger and post-trigger options
  • Trigger behavior and control range are largely configurable
  • Control output can be switched to PWM output or motor driver

Brush Motor Controller
Order number: 123114

Brush Motor Controller

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