Screening Box

When operating EOL-, FCT-, RunIn- and Screening test systems, it is often to examine many similar devices. The samples are addressed and stimulated simultaneously through CAN, LIN, RS232 or I2C. Usually, appropriate hardware is very complex and expensive but due to MCD's flexible system that can be changed now.

  • Two CAN interfaces with low-/high-speed Transceiver (11-bit and 29-bit support)
  • LIN interface for master and slave operation
  • Software-controllable scheduling
  • RS232 and RS485 interface
  • Eight digital outputs; two PWM capable of up to 10 kHz switching frequency and 10 bit resolution
  • Threshold voltage of 0 to 30 V
  • Frequency measurements up to 200 kHz
  • Four differential measurement channels with a resolution of 12 bits
  • Input for temperature sensors with 1 K resolution
  • Two differential analog inputs (0-30 V)
  • Differential input with a range from 0 mV to 50 mV and a programmable gain for current measurements
  • Operating status LEDs on the front side
  • Operation via connectable HMI module with two-line LC display and rotary encoder but also operated as a stand-alone solution
  • Permanent memory on the module stores the setting parameters
  • Synchronous configuration by Ethernet interface
  • For decoupling of the samples of the measurement control, the Ethernet ports are galvanically isolated
  • Automatic detection of a loaded and contacted DUT followed by a self-start test
  • Measurement of audio signals, voltages currents, fan functions, temperature, frequency
  • Accessible via Ethernet interface and DIN rail bus; scalable application
  • Configuration of the boxes via Ethernet
  • Transfer of the data to the measurement software TestManager CE

Application Examples

  • Preparation and execution of the tests already in the planning phase
  • Test of infotainment systems
  • Stress test / RunIn- /Endurance test
  • Endurance test under temperature
  • Monitoring of the audio outputs, streams, controls
  • Universal gateway for bus interfaces

Screening Box
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Manual Screening Box

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