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Creativity and Innovation

MCD Elektronik "was born" 1983, to fulfill an idea. An idea that no one really thought was possible at the time. This was our first development, an attenuation box for the adjustment of output levels for RF transmitters.

Today we are 80 experienced specialists. The expectations that our customers have from us often border the limits of what is technically possible. However, we realize and take on each idea with the same motives that we had for our first creation.

Our passion is measurement technology to the decimal point. We love the challenge; therefore, we develop customized innovative test systems “Made in Germany“ with highly skilled technicians and engineers.


In 1983 the ground stone was laid for a successful future. Four young men had a vision of a product that can be used worldwide with quality superior to all competition. In their spare time, they developed an attenuator to control the RF level of transmission and test equipment. After many long hours of development and testing, their vision became a reality. An attenuator with incredible durability and precision was developed. Shortly after, they found a Danish company, which wanted to integrate this attenuator into their stations and to market it worldwide. It had already been clear then that the preparation of the calibration line was only the beginning of what was to come. The passion for customer-specific measurement technology was already present and only growing.

The success of this product has shown us that it pays off to approach seemingly impossible tasks with expertise and creativity. And even today, we realize every single idea for the same reasons as we did back then.


MCD is a privately held company that delivers the world‘s most complex testing and automation technology. The systems are used by major corporations as well as for production of medium-sized companies and testing of electronic and mechatronic assemblies. With the test systems of MCD it is possible to test, for example, vehicle components, such as electronic control devices, steering wheel modules, switches, radios and navigation systems. They range from simple test fixtures for product validation through to fully automated test cells, which are integrated into production lines.

Customers in the automotive, aerospace, medicine, energy and household appliances sectors have their test systems developed and manufactured by MCD. Our developments are innovative. This is because they come from the application and they come from our customers. Often our customers are the innovators. On the basis of good cooperation with our commitment, we build MCD measurement technology further. We provide everything from the concept to commissioning, on site. At MCD, you receive everything from one hand.

MCD's corporate videos

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This video is embedded on YouTube. The data policies of Google apply.

Container History

MCD Elektronik confirmed its exceptional innovation manangement and outstanding innovational growth by being honored with the "TOP 100" award for the second time in succession. The title was defended in 2019 by using the good performance as a base and by improving quite substantially in some areas, like "innovation climate". Innovational ideas are used for test systems for smart home products, driverless cars or for the application with innovative robot controls.

By using such a robot control, a further milestone was set by MCD. A collaborating robot was implemented to the "VTS 2030" standard test syste, which assumes all test steps of PCB tests fully automatically and is able to sort the tested PCBs in accordance to the test result. Thats why this system series can now be used for fully automated assembly lines. The robot interconnects optical and electronical tests as well as the opening and closing of the test adaption by automatically exchange its tools.

MCD Elektronik received the award as an innovation leader of the German SME market in the "TOP 100" competition. An independent analysis of about 100 pre-defined evaluation parameters was carried out by Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke's team for the Vienna University of Economics and Business. The distinctions for the innovation leaders are awarded by science journalist and "TOP 100" mentor Ranga Yogeshwar during the 5th German SME Summit.

In 2018, MCDs innovative capability is demonstrated through the development of the test system series "VTS 2030". Due to this standardized concept, there are nearly no limits for individual customer requests and the measurement systems are totally optimized for the production process and quality requirements of the customers. Through flexible adaptability of common test adapters, the sustainability of the systems is also guaranteed.

After MCD's international sales strategy was already expanded to Eastern Europe in 2010, the company was able to move into the new branch office in Budapest at the beginning of 2017. Customer support and on-site service can be ensured in the long-term to be present in the eastern part of Europe.

The new corporate video "Sharp senses for perfection" was presented at the Electronica Trade Fair. MCD constitutes within the video, how to explore their fields of activity with all senses and how their test systems use these human senses for test procedure.

Furnishing a permanent on-site support in Shanghai promises a long-term, high quality service in the asian region for MCD. In cooperation with the AHK Greater China, part of the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce, it was possible to establish an "office-in-office" concept.

The world's leading provider of transmission and receiver systems, Hirschmann Car Communication GmbH, awarded MCD for their excellent performance in the "Test Equipment and Service" category. The Hirschmann  locations in Germany, Hungary and China evaluated the quality and reliability of their suppliers.

The 30 year anniversary was celebrated with an "open house" day and a gala night with festival tent together with customers, cooperation partners, friends and employees.

MCD acquired the first building lot at the new industrial park, the "Dammfeld" area. The vision of a new center for our customers, our team and the company came true.

MCD Elektronik takes a step further towards globalization with the positioning of MCD employee Gergely Boross as Chief Representative of Hungary. Thereby, the measurement and testing specialist strengthens its presence in Hungary and the Eastern European market in total. The direct customer support, as well as training and on-site service continues to grow MCD's path and future orientation.

MCD continues on its path of growth and establishes an operational subsidiary in the USA - MCD North America Inc.During its 25th anniversary the corporate group grew to five companies in total.

The premium event "Hightech at the Olympic Tower" in Munich gets a new slot in the MCD trade fair calendar.

After the death of co-founder and manager Siegfried Treiber, MCD was taken over by the Birkenfeld branch. During the Productronica in Munich, MCD presented measurement systems, control functions, and the MCD software with integrated core interpreter.

One of the special developments of that period included a test-bench for long-term testing of gas-powered hair curlers. Over a time period of several 1000 hours measurement data for temperature, start-up behavior, gas consumption, heat-up curves as well as cool-off values had to be recorded and evaluated.

MCD develops many special devices and machines for the most different requirements, and tests, among other things, radio clocks, automotive components or Pay-TV decoders. During this time, MCD realized test systems for Braun, Mercedes, Blaupunkt, Grundig, Harman Becker and many more. The Productronica Fair under the slogan "MCD Elektronik ... with intellect" again was a huge success. During its 10th anniversary MCD has underlined its history: small at the beginning, growing with the times and successful with intellect!

Under our motto „To make the impossible possible“, MCD presented itself at the Productronica Fair in Munich for the first time. With a booth size of 96 sqm there were a lot of exhibits that were presented to the public and the interest of the visitors was enormous. Since then, MCD has grown continuously.

Four young men had a vision of a product that can be used worldwide with quality superior to all competition. They developed an attenuator with incredible durability and precision to control the RF level of transmission and test systems.