VideoAnalyzer VSA S&H

The MCD VSA is used for functional testing and monitoring. The module in Eurocard format has a serial interface and can be cascaded with other MCD modules. The operation of the MCD VSA is done via measurement software TestManager CE or a special user interface.

By the simultaneous generation of two trigger signals within the test line, the following signal differences can be accurately determined:

  • Luma-measurement via two S&H‘s and
  • Digital measurement of two data latches.

The two trigger points in the video line in the grid can be adjusted from 200 ns. MCD VSA remotely capable scopes can be used as triggers through the trigger outputs.

Chroma measurements are done using the internal HF-Rectifier. The VideoAnalyzer has the following options for line triggering:

  • Triggered by an analog sync separator to FBAS, RGB, SY, sync on green signal
  • External H/V sync signals (polarity adjustable via software)
  • External flank switch (polarity adjustable via software)
  • FBAS Video generator
  • VideoAnalyzer for analog video signals
  • Used as a transmitter station for analog video signals
  • Screening of videoamplifier
  • Fully automatic test lines for infotainment systems
  • Display test systems
  • etc.

Functional Test

  • Graphic module
  • Head units
  • MMI Interfaces


  • Endurance facilities
  • Heat chamber tests
  • Long-term examinations
  • etc.
Analog inputs
Number of channels 8 (4 x SMB und 16-pol. Stiftwanne)
Direct impedance 75 Ω / hochohmig (3 kW)
Range of input voltage ± 2,2 V
Coupling typer DC
Resolution 12 bit ± 1 LSB

± 5 mV
± 20 mV
Synchronization (line triggering) to be chosen either on one of the eight Inputs or external H/V sync. (signal > = 1 Vpp)
Digital input
Range of input voltage 5 V HC-MOS
Number of Data 8 bit
Time resolution
Line triggering line 1 ... 1250
Setting the times for triggering 0 ... 200 μs + 200 ns
Times for triggering T1+T2 to one another max. ± 200 ns
Serial interface
115 KBd 8, N, 1 through 10-pole multiple contact strip on 9-pole D-SUB
Power supply
12 V / 300 mA through power unit

Videoanalyzer for digital RGB- and analog video signals    
Order number: 110182