Functional Test System for Piezo Keyboards

This Functional Test System was developed to test keyboards with Piezo effect. These special input systems are used in hygienic sensitive clinics and in conjunction with equipment that must be protected against vandalism. The device has to be functionally tested in a comprehensive way with integrated haptic test.


  • Capacity check of the whole keyboards and single keys
  • Short circuit measurement of single lines (testing among themselves and against each other)
  • Charge measurement of single keys by automatic haptic actuation

Equipment components:

  • Measurement software TestManager CE and control systems by MCD Elektronik
  • MCD haptic measurement with Toolmonitor ULC
  • Contact clamp for fast contacting of foil cables with different grid dimensions
  • User-friendly sequence program with a detailed user guide
  • Universal multiplexing and data logger system
  • ULC rack with customer-specific adaption
  • Industrial PC

Application examples:

  • Functional test of keyboards with Piezo effect
  • Testing of operating units
  • Testing of sensors
  • Testing of touch screen modules
  • Testing of haptic input fields
  • etc.