Universal Test Sytem for Vehicle Flap Actuators

For the functional testing and the testing of housing tightness of mechatronic assemblies, these test stations were developed for a supplier from the automotive industry. The first test system executes various functional measurements at so-called vehicle flap actuators. The second test system examines the complete tightness of the flap actuator housings. By utilizing of a MCD ULC rack different DUTs can be tested in these universal systems. A drawer concept with exchangeable cartridges allows the future testing of further DUT types.


  1. Tightness test of flap actuator housings

    • Semi-automatic handling with insertion of sealing ring and DUT
    • Automatic start of test sequence by closing the drawer
    • Inclusion of sealing ring by vacuum tool and mounting via linear axis system
    • Mounting of sealing ring on the flap actuator shaft
    • Two-fold tightness test by overpressure and vacuum before and after mounting

  2. Functional test of vehicle flap actuators

    • Running of pre-defined actuating positions
    • Simulated loading via programmable drive and brake torques
    • Angle measurement and testing of Hall sensor voltage at actuator limits and defined positions
    • Torque measurement during test sequence
    • Calibration test by evaluation of linearity
    • Current and voltage measurement

Equipment components:

Application examples:

  • Tightness test of mechatronic assemblies
  • Functional test of vehicle flap actuators