Functional Test System for controls of water pumps

This programming and testing device was developed in shape of a functional tester (FCT) for a well-known German manufacturer of innovative water and heating pumps. These domestic water pumps stand for first-class hot water comfort and demonstrate simultaneous high energy savings. The pump memorizes via a sensor at the forward pipe, when hot water is requested from the consumer and provides it proactive and punctually. To check the drive behind the electronics of these intelligent domestic water pumps, this test system was now developed to enable the manual contacting and automatic functional test of a stator board. For this process an isolating transformer provides 230 VAC for the DUT. In order to ensure the safety an adapter lock and an emergency switch have been integrated. See press release.


  • Programming of the microcontrollers
  • Functional testing of stator boards
  • Measurement data acquisition in SQL database
  • Machine self test with a dummy DUT
  • Mechanical marking of IO parts
  • Expanding the updated interface of the MCD TestManager also during the test
  • Verification of NTC resistor (thermistor) by resistance measurement and calculation of the target value from the adapter temperature
  • Measuring the resistance of the windings (4-wire measurement)
  • Measuring the current consumption
  • Measuring of motor voltages
  • Checking of the power supply function

Equipment components:

  • 19" rack
  • Keysight power supply and multimeter
  • Touch screen monitor
  • UPS emergency stop and adapter lock
  • Manual testing adapter
  • Isolation transformer for 230 VAC treatment of the DUT
  • Programming device ICP2
  • Measurement software TestManager CE