EOL Test System for Floor Heating Systems

Blowers of small heating units, that are used in air conditioning systems or floor heating systems of buses and trains, are tested with this test application. Multilevel blower testing, current and voltage measurements as well as density tests are performed with this testing device. See press release


  • Functional testing of multilevel blower functions
  • Measurements at the DUT with an ULC MSR Functional Card and programmable current sensors
  • Density test via comparison procedures between input and output pressure
  • Fast, manual contacting of DUTs via quick adaption
  • Input and selection of individual production orders within serial production by MCD Toolmonitor Order Management
  • Creation of a device label and the corresponding shipment documents

Equipment components:

Application examples:

  • Density tests
  • Functional testing and EOL test of mechatronic assemblies
  • Multilevel blower test
  • and much more