EOL Test System for Switch Modules

Besides electric functions, switches from the automotive industry have to be proved also for optic and haptic measurement. This hybrid rotary table tests switches at four stations and ejects perceived fail parts automatically using a pneumatic system. A trend analysis software with the MCD Toolmonitor Data Manager is also integrated.


  1. Manual loading station

    • Switch modules are inserted into a technical turntable with indexing and pneumatical contacting
    • Per turntable nest (4x, changeable) two DUTs are tested parallel
    • Automatical removal to NIO handling system

  2. Testing of assembly capability

    • Swash circuit inspection for testing the plug pins
    • Engaging force test of connector housings and contacts

  3. Optic test

    • Testing of brightness, LED color, position and quality of button symbols
    • Use of special camera systems and MCD image processing software MCD Toolmonitor Vision

  4. Testing of electrical resistance / haptic

    • Measurement of force and displacement by precision drive with motion controller and touch sensors
    • 4-pole resistance measurement
    • Simultaneous recording and evaluation of physical measured values and switching points

  5. Marking station with a CO² laser

    • Labeling of IO parts with specific data, NIO switches get fail codes
    • IO handling with manual removal of DUT by operator, defect parts are automatically removed via handling system

Application examples:

  • Optical, haptic and electric test of switch modules
  • Measurement of mechanical units
  • Testing of operating units
  • Force-displacement measurement
  • Mechanical swash circuit inspection
  • Final check of various devices
  • etc.