Test System Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, UMTS

With our test applications for radio frequency modules we assure good quality of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and UMTS signals in your car.


  • Measurement of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi communications
  • Current and voltage measurements
  • Functional and structural testing
  • 4 modules are used and successively tested in the adaptation  
  • The mechanical handling takes over the control of the MCD PIC8IO

Equipment components:

  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth transmitter and receiver units
  • RF adaption
  • Mini 2D barcode scanner
  • Adapter and removable cartridge are equipped with programmable memory cells which contain the calibration data

Application examples:

  • Testing and calibration of sensitive assemblies
  • Testing of vehicle control keys
  • Testing of industrial transceivers and sensors
  • Testing of emergency equipment
  • Examination of remote control
  • Testing of telecommunication modules
  • etc.